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Realm of the Witch

Weather Forecasting Witch and Wizard Gnomes Set of 2

Weather Forecasting Witch and Wizard Gnomes Set of 2

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This unique version of the classic Weather Forecasting Gnome is sure to be a highlight of any outdoor space.

These little witch and wizard sets make adorable accents to the garden or even an inside windowsill and include humorous mini signs so you're never left caught in the cold.

An included set of humorous miniatures signs ensures you'll never be unprepared for the elements.

Conditions include:
Witch/Wizard is wet: raining
Witch/Wizard is dry: not raining
Shadow on ground: sunny
White on top: snowing
Can't see witch/wizard: foggy
Witch/Wizard gone: tornado
White splats: watch out for birds
Two Witches/Wizards: you're drunk

Dimensions: H: 14.5cm x W: 5.5cm x D: 6.5cm

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