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Realm of the Witch

Thors Hammer Door Knocker

Thors Hammer Door Knocker

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The hammer of the thunder god, Thor, used as a deadly weapon and also as a way of providing blessings.

The hammer, known as a Mjollnir, was also worn as a pendant to those living in the Viking Age in the Scandinavian culture and in modern times to adherents of modern Heathenry.

The head of a ram, horns curled around the top of the hammer holds the door knocker in its mouth.

The knocker part is a solid metal ring, weighted to provide a loud knock.

This Thor’s Hammer Door Knocker would make the perfect addition to any lover of the Viking Age.

Thor's Hammer Door Knocker.
Perfect for any Viking collection.
Cast in the finest resin.
Expertly hand-painted.
15.9 cm

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