Sterling Silver Brooms of the Elders Pentacle Pendant Necklace **MORE SOON**

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Sterling Silver Brooms of the Elders Pentacle Pendant Necklace **MORE SOON**

This pendant is a best seller with it's detailed double-sided Besoms (or Broomsticks) of Elder in a Pentacle design encased in a Blackberry Vine circle with an Elder leaf in the centre. Approx 2.7 cm in diameter, excl bale. All pendants come supplied on an 18" Sterling Silver Curb Chain and are gift boxed. 

Symbolic Meaning Of This Pendant:

The Broomstick has been used by wise-women for hundreds of years. They “swept” the evil spirits out of the house after a woman gave birth, to protect the mother and the newborn. The brooms represent the element of air. 

In the centre of the pendant is an Elder leaf. The Elder tree was sacred to the Druids, who created the tree alphabet which was utilised in their mystical, spiritual practice. 

The Pentacle is an ancient symbol associated with magic, paganism and all forms of mysticism. Surrounding the pentacle is the circle, symbol of the consecrated space, the centre of the Mother.

The circle is the primary feminine sign. Encased around the circle is the vine, known in the Druidic alphabet by the letter M, for Muin.

It is the vine of the Blackberry bush, considered sacred by the ancient peoples.This is also associated with the water element. The Wise-Woman Pentacle is for all who honour the ancient healing arts and who hold reverence for Mother Earth.

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