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Sterling Silver 3D Wolf Head Necklace

Sterling Silver 3D Wolf Head Necklace

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This 3D pendant of a wolf's head is made of solid 925 silver.

Measuring 3.25cm long including bale by 2cm wide, while the back is hollowed out to keep the weight (6.6g) and price down.

Total weight including chain is 8.4g making it a truly magical piece!

All pendants come supplied on a 20 inch Sterling Silver Curb Chain and arrive gift boxed.

Mythology reveres wolves greatly in many Pagan traditions. Here are just a few...

According to Norse mythology, Fenrir was a giant wolf prevented from causing destruction by the Aesir Gods.

Within Celtic Mythology the wolf was revered as the companion of Cerridwen, godddess of the Moon and fertility.

For Roman Pagans, the wolf is important indeed. The founding of Rome - and thus, an entire empire - was based on the story of Romulus and Remus, orphaned twins who were raised by a she-wolf. The name of the Lupercalia festival comes from the Latin Lupus, which means wolf.

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