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Realm of the Witch

Leather Embossed Book of Shadows or Grimoire Small

Leather Embossed Book of Shadows or Grimoire Small

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Bound in brown leather, the book comes with two metal clasps, keeping it from falling open unexpectedly. The cover is embossed with a pentagram in the centre, surrounded by a circle of Celtic triquetra patterns. Ivy adorns the corners, and the whole thing is surrounded by mystical runes. Inside, high-quality plain paper gives you the freedom to record your magic and dreams unimpeded. 

The Theban inscription around the border of this Book of Shadows/Grimoire reads: 'That life upon the earth is not a burden to be born, but a joy to be learned and shared with others.'

Material: Leather and Paper (Approx 100 pages)
Journal Weight: 1.1 Kg 
Primary Colour: Brown 
Size: 25.5cm x 19cm

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