Incense Holder Goddess

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Incense Holder Goddess

Made from a silver metal, this goddess with intricate spiral patterns (often seen on goddess figures, and represents the universal pattern of growth and evolution. It symbolises life, death and rebirth), can be used for incense cones, a charcoal burner for resin and loose incense or as a candelabra (without the dome). For use on altars or as a home decor piece.
The holder (the goddess part) is 15.5cm or 6 inches high. The whole assembly, when the dome top is added, is 23cm or 9 inches high.

Incense cones available are: Satya Nag Champa, Satya Super Hit Nag Champa or Stamford Hex Dragon's Blood
Excelsior Swift Lite Charcoal Discs for loose incense/resin
Loose Incense Blends: Banishing, Full Moon, House Clearing, Kyphi, Moon, Protection or Samhain

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