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Green Tree Palo Santo Thick Chips 50g

Green Tree Palo Santo Thick Chips 50g

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This pack contains 50g of thick Palo Santo wood chips.

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) is the Spanish name for the Bursera graveolens tree that is native to Mexico and South America.

Palo Santo is used to aid in clearing negative energy, providing spiritual protection and bringing good luck.

The unique essential oil composition of the tree gives a lovely scent when burnt.

Known for it's calming effect when lit, it can be used for stress relief, colds, flu and is said to support the immune system.

Light the wood chips and allow them to burn for a few moments until well lit.

Once the pile has a strong flame, fan out the flame and allow the smouldering smoke to fill the room.

Alternatively, you can burn these small pieces of Palo Santo over a charcoal disc.

Sustainably and ethically sourced

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