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Realm of the Witch

Welsh Goddess Ceridwen Bronzed Figurine 17cm

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Brew a potion of inspiration with this fantastic Ceridwen figurine. Standing over Awen, the cauldron of inspiration, the legendary sorceress and goddess of poetry stirs the bubbling waters carefully, long hair hanging down over her red robes. Around her, a boar and a chicken seem to converse secretively, while a cat rests and watches the cauldron. The circular base is ringed with an interlinking Celtic knot design, and bears the legend Ceridwen at the front. Cast in the finest resin before being given a bronze finish and hand painted, this mystical figure is sure to add poetry to your life.

In Celtic mythology, Ceridwen was the most powerful sorceress, or a white witch. According to the Welsh lore, she was a wise mother, blessed with the skills of Awen, a collective name for poetic wisdom, prophecy, and inspiration.

Beautifully crafted Bronze Welsh Goddess Figurine.
Standing over Awen, the cauldron of inspiration, Ceridwen stirs the bubbling potion carefully.
Cast in the finest resin
Hand painted