Sterling Silver Celtic Triskelion Earrings **MORE SOON**

Realm of the Witch

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Sterling Silver Celtic Triskelion Earrings **MORE SOON**

Silver celtic swirl earrings have goddess triquetra infinity knots within the circle, from which, comes out 3 swirls with curved edges giving a nice finish. They have a very high polish, so look stunning on. Approx 27mm long including hooks by 12mm wide. The triskelion (also referred to as triskele, triquetra or fylfot), is one of the most ancient Irish Celtic symbols meaning balance, harmony, motion (moving forward). In love, the symbol represents love, honour and protect. 

Please note: Due to health and hygiene laws, we are unable to accept any returns of body piercing jewellery (including earrings). Images shown may be larger than actual size for detail purposes only

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