Sterling Silver DT Clear Quartz Crystal Point Pendant Necklace

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Sterling Silver DT Clear Quartz Crystal Point Pendant Necklace

Set with a fixed sterling silver fitting and bale, this double terminated amethyst point pendant has 6 sides approx 3.4 cm in length and 7 mm in width not incl bale. All pendants come supplied on an 18" Sterling Silver Curb Chain and are gift boxed. 

Clear Quartz is the most versatile of all gemstones. It's said to be the master healer and is usually the first go-to crystal for beginners to get to know and learn how to work with. The energies of clear quartz amplify the vibrations of other crystals within its vicinity. A powerful protector, it's easily programmable to help assist with grounding, balancing and revitalising the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane. It can absorb and release any negative energy. It can help stimulate and strengthen the immune system. Wearing clear quartz will give you an instant lift once programmed.

Also available in this range are: Amethyst, Black ObsidianBlack TourmalineCarnelianClear QuartzFluoriteGreen AventurineGolden Tiger's EyeLabradorite, Lapis LazuliOpalite or Rose Quartz

*Note that image shown is larger than actual size for detail purposes. Colours will vary slightly on each gemstone*

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