Stamford Backflow Cones Wizard's Spell

Realm of the Witch

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Stamford Backflow Cones Wizard's Spell

Enjoy the enchanting aroma of Patchouli in these Stamford Wizards Spell Backflow incense cones, its unique and subtle essence will drift you gently to a magical kingdom.
The smoke cascades downwards as these backflow incense cones have a hole through their centres and the special backflow burners (not included in this pack) have reservoirs for the smoke to flow through. Burn time 15-20 minutes approx. per cone
Stamford Patchouli Backflow Incense Cones
Contains 12 incense cones approx
Made from perfumery raw materials only
Recyclable packaging
For best results place it on backflow incense holder

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