Power of Three Throw by Anne Stokes 160cm

Power of Three Throw by Anne Stokes 160cm

Realm of the Witch

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From the untamed imagination of Gothic artist Anne Stokes, this enchanting and luxurious throw is based on her "Power of Three" artwork, pictured are three grey forest dwelling wolves protectively encompassing a young  elven girl alerting her to any danger and ready to act. The girl appears to be made rugged from living within her forest dwelling, wearing dark leather boots, torn trousers and hooded poncho. Her pale face is embellished with strange tattoos around her eyes. Draping down from around her neck appears to be a vial, containing an unknown solution. Not only is this throw laced with protective imagery it is also soft like wolves fur, making it perfect for any chair or sofa.

Size: 160cm
Material: Polyester

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