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Realm of the Witch

Pawzuph Cult Cutie Embossed Purse

Pawzuph Cult Cutie Embossed Purse

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Pawzuph, the best selling horned cat is back. He appears on this beautiful black purse with white decoration.

Just below each of his ears and horns, is a crescent moon and on his forehead (the third eye area) is a pentagram.

Around the edges of the purse are pentacles, fleur de lis and skulls.

The back and side of the purse features a pentagram along with four more little skulls, one on each corner. 

The beautiful embossed detailing enhances the magic and creates a striking 3D effect while the large compartments make it a wonderfully practical piece. 

Pawzuph Embossed Purse. Size: 18.5cm
Featuring Pawzuph who appears to be the spirit of Baphomet
Stylish and practical.
Multiple slots for cash and cards.

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