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Pack of 6 Blessed Bee Black Beeswax Spell Candles

Pack of 6 Blessed Bee Black Beeswax Spell Candles

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A box of 6 black Blessed Bee beeswax candles useful for spell-work involving protection and banishing negativity. Candle magic is one of the easiest forms of spell casting in which the caster decides on a goal, while visualising the end result and focuses intent or will to manifest that result. The caster will usually write down their intent on a piece of paper the same colour as the candle and burn the paper in a fire safe bowl.
The candle needs to be burned completely for the spell to be completed. Burn time is approximately 1 hour

Light, natural scent. Approximate burn time of 1 hour. 

Each candle is 11cm (h) x 1.4cm (d)

Other colours available in this collection are:

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