Mango Wood Disc 10cm (Cone & Incense)

Realm of the Witch

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Mango Wood Disc 10cm (Cone & Incense)

Brass inserts, various designs, one will be randomly supplied. 10cm diameter.
Material: Mango Wood (the grain and colour of wood will vary slightly to photo)
Suitable for use with incense sticks and cones
Each incense cone/stick holder can hold 4 incense sticks and they all have individual unique designs. One will be picked at random.
Incense sticks and cones *not* supplied although can be bought separately:

Cones: Satya Nag Champa, Satya Super Hit Nag Champa or Stamford Hex Dragon's Blood
Sticks By Stamford: Gift Set, Dragon's Fire, Unicorn's Grace, Vampire's Kiss, Witches' Curse, Wizard's Spell
Sticks By Satya: Satya Nag Champa

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