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Realm of the Witch

Llewellyn's 2023 Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac

Llewellyn's 2023 Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac

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Spellcasters of all levels enjoy the 365 spells in Llewellyn’s annual Spell-A-Day Almanac. These easy bewitchments, recipes, rituals, and meditations are designed to be used for the areas of life that need the most magical attention:

Home and garden

This year’s spells are written by popular magical thought-leaders like Mat Auryn, Blake Octavian Blair, Kate Freuler, Devin Hunter, Amanda Lyn and Jason Mankey, Astrea Taylor, and Tudorbeth. You will also discover beginner-friendly advice on the best time, place, and tools for performing each spell, as well as daily colour and incense recommendations and astrological data to enhance each day's magic.

Dimensions: ‎12.7cm x 1.90cm x 19.68cm
272 Pages

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