Kyphi Hand Blended Incense

Realm of the Witch

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Kyphi (Kapet) was first recorded in the Ebers Papyrus in 1500 BC, in ancient Egypt. It was often burned at sunset in the ancient temples or within homes for healing, rituals in honour of the ancient gods (Isis being one), medical prescriptions, personal grooming, and perfuming houses, and clothes and magick, in order to protect them from evil spirits. Kyphi is a sacred blend of honey, wine, dried fruit, precious resins, and numerous other ingredients. Kyphi scents the house beautifully. Using only the highest quality resins, bark, woods, flowers, herbs and essential oils according to traditional methods at the appropriate planetary hours and days. Each bag contains 25g.

Directions For Use: Once you have lit your charcoal disc and it has gone white in appearance (about 10 minutes), place a tiny amount on the charcoal. As it starts to smoulder and bubble, let the scent whisk you off back to ancient times...

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