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Realm of the Witch

Diabarkus Cult Cutie Cerberus Figurine

Diabarkus Cult Cutie Cerberus Figurine

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Diabarkus is one of the latest in the Cult Cutie Collection, of an adorable baby Cerberus canine, the hound of Hades in mythology who guarded the gates to the underworld. Featuring occult symbology and ornate silver detailing, this hound sits proud and on guard, whilst their serpent like tail can be seen wagging behind them. Cast in high-quality resin before being carefully hand-painted, this figurine is likely to be the cutest occultist you've ever seen.

Adorable Cerberus figurine.
Cast in the finest resin.
Lovingly hand-painted.
Size 10.5cm.

Please Note: This product is hand-painted. Each polyresin product created by Nemesis Now is hand-painted, each product may have slight differences in appearance.

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