Put it on Lay-Buy powered by Paypal

I have decided to add a new app to the website recently called Put it on Lay-Buy. This new feature allows my customers to purchase the items they would like and pay the balance off over a period of up to six months. It doesn't matter how big or small the order, you just choose a payment plan that suits your pocket. It gives you the chance to have those little luxuries that sometimes you've looked at before and thought, 'nope, I can't afford all that in one go'. It's also a good idea for the holiday season coming up, where you'd like to buy for friends and family.
I also realise how much shipping costs have sharply risen recently too (due to the increase in demand with online shopping during the pandemic). I have started to shop around more and more for the cheapest way to send tracked goods, (it goes by size and weight) so, if I find anything cheaper than what you have paid at the checkout for shipping, then I will always refund that difference. Because prices are fluctuating so much, I can't always adjust the shipping prices online quickly enough.
As always, I try to be as transparent with my customers as possible, so if you have any queries then I am always happy to help on the email below.
One final thing for me to add, is please don't get yourself into debt this season and most important of all, don't feel any pressure!
Love and blessings, always
Debra ❤
This is a new payment plan option that is fully automated with a fixed monthly payment paid through your paypal account. To use this option select "Put it on LayBuy" on the payment options page at checkout, confirm the order then select your payment options on the LayBuy plan page. Just select the deposit amount of 10% of the total order, with payments spread up to 6 months. You will see a list showing your monthly payments. Once you're happy with your plan, simply click submit, and your order will be placed and the plan will be active.
Put it on Lay-Buy charges a small admin fee of around 1% for using their service. Once your order has been paid in full, it will then be shipped to you.
If you have any questions not listed here please email me, Debra, at realmofthewitch@gmail.com where I will always be more than happy to help.


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