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Realm of the Witch

Witches' Familiars Oracle

Witches' Familiars Oracle

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The evocative new Witches’ Familiars Oracle Cards deals specifically with the magic and mystery of special creatures, big and small, all around us that can give of themselves when called upon. Are you ready and willing to receive the power and guidance of your Familiars? Each card in this deck will help you connect to the intrinsic qualities of magical animals and creatures; both familiar and other-worldly, to bring about a more powerful sense of positivity and change in your life.

With the UK’s best-loved wise women and authors Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters lending their experience and expertise of the Craft and with Kate Osborne once again designing and contributing to this deck, it is set to be another firm favourite of practitioners world-wide.

48 full colour cards & 110 page guidebook
Designed by 2 practising witches.
By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free (Author), Flavia Kate Peters (Author)

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