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Realm of the Witch

Sterling Silver Brooms of the Elders Pentacle Necklace

Sterling Silver Brooms of the Elders Pentacle Necklace

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This pendant is a best seller with its detailed Besoms (or Broomsticks) of Elder in a Pentacle design encased in a Blackberry Vine circle with an Elder leaf in the centre. Approx 2.7 cm in diameter, excl bale. All pendants come supplied on a 20" Sterling Silver Curb Chain and are gift boxed. 

Symbolic Meaning Of This Pendant:

The 5 Brooms
There's no doubt that the broomstick has always been associated with witchcraft. But, it has very little to do with flying away (unless you take something like this into account) and much more to do with sweeping away evil spirits.
The brooms are also a representation of the air element.

The Sacred Elder Leaf
In the middle of everything, you'll see the sacred elder leaf. It represents the water element and is used in many rituals and spiritual practices.
Many years ago, people used the elder tree to make defensive wands.

The Blackberry Wine Circle
Surrounding it all is a circle made of Blackberry Wine. This is also associated with the water element.

The circle is a feminine symbol and represents the Goddess and Protection. The blackberry wine is often about connecting with the gods as well as material goods (money and goods).

The Pentacle
The Pentacle is an ancient symbol associated with magic, paganism and all forms of mysticism. Surrounding the pentacle is the circle, symbol of the consecrated space, the centre of the Mother. The Pentacle is all about Power, Protection, Connection with nature and the Gods and a whole lot more.

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