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Realm of the Witch

Ravens Flight Embossed Purse

Ravens Flight Embossed Purse

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Ravens have been a part of folklore since the beginning of time. Whether they be messengers to the Gods' or to us humans, they have always held a certain mystique to us in mythology. This purse brings to you, the beauty of the black Raven. With it's large wing acting as the closure of this stunningly designed purse! It opens up to reveal lots of space for all your cards and notes, while there is also a zipped compartment for coins. Decorated in 3D Baroque patterns and flowers, this purse is a must for those who have an affinity with the Raven community!

Featuring a large winged black Raven.
Material: Faux Leather. Size: 18.5cm
Spacious and stylish.
Multiple slots for cards and coins.

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