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Hand Blended Loose Incense Mix - Kyphi

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Hand Blended Loose Incense Mix - Kyphi

Kyphi is an ancient Egyptian recipe (around 4,000 years old), used for general healing and ritual within the home or sacred space. It has the most elegant fragrance that can take you far back to those ancient times and was made as individual as the maker themselves. Kyphi can take a month or more to make. The core ingredients are usually: honey, wine, cypress, raisins, myrrh, aspalathus, seselis, saffron, dock, juniper, cardamom and aromatic reed. Approx 22g. Add approx 1 small sized thumbnail piece to a charcoal disc (once the charcoal has got a white glow).

These loose blends are for burning on charcoal discs, also available on the website in foil packs of 10. All loose incenses are homegrown where possible (so are ethically sourced too!) and handmade in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. Therefore, before the ingredients are made into incense, the strong magical connection in growing and caring for the plants is there right from the beginning. Each secret recipe blend is made at the right time, at the right moon phase and the intent is powerful while being made.

Glastonbury, for many Pagans around the world, is a destination of pilgrimage.

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